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June 1, 2024

Monessen VWF30MO Replacement Log Set Massive Oak

New old stock Monessen. Replacement 30 Vent Free Log set. To be used as an exact replacement for an existing. This set used on the VWF series burners, for example:...


May 28, 2024

Monessen PH24NM Natural Gas Log Replacement Burner, 24 36,000 BTU

Hi End Monessen Replacement Log Fireplace Burner. Model : PH 24 NM. This is a New Burner Assembly. If you have a unit thats labeled, PH 24 NM, then this...


May 7, 2024

Monessen VDY30D2A Fiber Ceramic Vented Log Set for VDY30 Series 4 Piece

How would you like to enjoy a full, flickering fire in your existing wood burning fireplace, without any effort and with absolutely no mess You can with a Majestic Duzy...


April 14, 2024

Monessen Beachcomber Vent Free Gas Logs 30 Natural Gas

Used’like-new’ condition gas logs. 2 yr old (originally installed 12/2/2021) with very limited use (less than 3 hours) Monessen 30-inch Beachcomber logs on Monessen 24-inch IntelliFire Plus Natural Gas burner...


February 13, 2024

Monessen 42 Exacta Circulating Clean Face Firebox with Painted Interior BUF42A

Enjoy the fireplace you’ve always wanted, expansive views and all. The Exacta delivers maximum airflow, efficiently adding heat to your home, while the zero clearance design gives you flexibility, and...


December 2, 2023

Monessen 18 Natural Blaze Burner Natural Gas 28,000 BTU, NB18NV BURNER ONLY

Enhance the ambiance of your living space with the Monessen 18 Natural Blaze Burner. This vent-free gas burner has a power output of 28,000 BTU and is suitable for use...


August 30, 2023

Monessen 18 PH Burner Propane Gas 30,000 Btu, Natural Gas PH18PV

Monessen 18 PH Burner Propane Gas 30,000 Btu, Natural Gas – PH18PV. The PH Burner has flames in the front and rear, adding warmth and ambiance to any room. &#######xA0;Please...


August 20, 2023

Monessen Stony Creek Vent Free Gas Logs 24 Natural Gas

Check with your local building authority to ensure these gas logs can be installed in your area prior to ordering. Please message us to confirm availability prior to ordering. Stony...

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